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Windows Apps by FS1

Unless otherwise noted, the applications available here require Windows 7 or later, and are 100% free for home use.
For use in business/production environments, please contact me for licensing details.

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Note: Content and software posted here are solely my own and do not represent my current employer or any other organization.

Making and maintaining these tools takes lots of time. If you can, please help cover development costs.
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Who am I?

I am an Infosec professional, currently based in Brussels, Belgium.

Vulnerability hunting log

  • 2017 Facebook Undisclosed Medium
  • 2017 KeePass CVE-2017-1000066 High (CVSS 7.5)
  • 2017 BitDefender Undisclosed High
  • 2016 LastPass Undisclosed High
  • 2016 Firefox CVE-2016-5251 Medium (CVSS 4.3)
  • 2016 Dropbox Undisclosed (H1:107729) High