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Windows Apps by FS1

Unless otherwise noted, the applications available here require Windows 7 or later, and are 100% free for home use.
For use in business/production environments, please contact me for licensing details.

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Note: Content and software posted here are solely my own and do not represent my current employer or any other organization.

Making and maintaining these tools takes lots of time. If you can, please help cover development costs.
Application Description Category Size Updated Version
ElevateAs A simple command-line version of the 'Run as administrator' Windows functionality. (Portable) System 84K 2017-12-08 1.07
Cobbler is a simple and robust vault for sensitive text-based information, with a focus on bruteforce resistance and keeping a low attack surface. Uses battle-tested AES256_HMAC_SHA1 for strong encryption and data authentication.

  • Note: the recent SHA1 collision does NOT affect HMAC_SHA1.
  • Deniable output formats and other unique features are in the pipeline. More info to follow!
Security 199K 2017-02-12 2.003.008 Discussion Hashes
RCC A scanner for root certificates in Microsoft Windows and Mozilla Firefox. Highlights potentially rogue certs based on reference baselines and additional metadata. Security 53K 2017-11-23 1.69.031 Discussion Hashes
REM Root Exposure Manager - Reduce your exposure to unnecessary root CAs. Security . Coming soon .
ClipTTL Automatic clipboard wiper, to prevent accidental pastes. Security 60K 2017-01-27 1.07
Shane A lightning-fast command-line Shannon entropy estimator. Optimized for large (up to 2GB) files. Security 16K 2016-08-28 1.03
DistantKeys Generates time-based tokens for self-discipline. Use as password with software such as NetNanny or K9. (Evaluation version) Other 346K 2016-02-13 1.74 Discussion
MiniWaller A very minimal random wallpaper generator. Especially useful for making some quick 'sectioned' backgrounds. Utility 351K 2015-12-25 0.29.2
RawOSD Displays on-screen text, OSD style. Utility 33K 2015-12-12 1.00
CTLInfo Windows currently trusts 358 root certificates but Certificate Manager only displays a subset. Examine the full list using CTLInfo. Security 50K On request 1.20
PocketHash A tiny MD5/SHA1 file hasher, with a convenient VirusTotal lookup button. DEP/ASLR support. Freeware for all uses. Security 48K 2015-05-02 1.03
MZreveal Command-line scanner for disguised PE executables. DEP/ASLR support. Security 48K 2014-11-16 1.11
PEstamp View the UTC compilation timestamp of a Windows executable (command line). Security 12K 2015-03-24 1.02
Nugget Native curl-like tool for Windows, tiny, with VirusTotal output. Utility 22K 2014-11-28 1.43
ProcessCounter Shows the number of running processes in the system tray. Portable. Utility 320K 2014-07-23 1.19
NanOGG A tiny OGG Vorbis player. Supports seamless loop playback. Utility 104K 2013-07-31 1.06

Who am I?

I am an Infosec professional, currently based in Brussels, Belgium.

Vulnerability hunting log

  • 2017 Facebook Undisclosed Medium
  • 2017 KeePass CVE-2017-1000066 High (CVSS 7.5)
  • 2017 BitDefender Undisclosed High
  • 2016 LastPass Undisclosed High
  • 2016 Firefox CVE-2016-5251 Medium (CVSS 4.3)
  • 2016 Dropbox Undisclosed (H1:107729) High